Time Management Tips To Make The Most Of Outlook

Time Management Tips To Make The Most Of Outlook

Time Management Tips To Make The Most Of Outlook

Most users have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft Outlook email client. Although they may cry hoarse about the smallest issues with the email client, the program is still the best email client ever released until now. It finds use in both workplaces as well as in home computers, because of all the features it provides. Outlook is extremely useful when you have multiple emails coming in from different accounts and you need to address them all.

However, most users only use the minimal features of Microsoft Outlook email client, either oblivious to the other features or too shy to use them. Outlook is filled with many different productivity applications that help increase the speed of the users. Getting to know more about Microsoft Outlook and its various features will pay off since you will be able to make use of several features available in Microsoft and power use the application to perform your duties well. Here are some tricks that are popular amongst most professional Outlook users.

Categorizing And Sorting Emails

  • It is best to avoid clutter when using Outlook, deleting what is not required and keeping only the essentials.
  • Make a To-Do folder where you can move in email conversations that require immediate attention.

Making Use Of The Outlook Calendar

  • Once you start using the Calendar feature, you will realize that it is an indispensible feature that will help you keep track of what is required, what needs attention and which tasks have been completed.
  • You can even share your Calendar by giving others access to view it. This is useful if your subordinates or coworkers needs to know if you are free or occupied at a given time.

Making Use Of Action Folders In Outlook

Usually used for archiving purposes, you can extend the use of this feature by creating a Pending folder; you will be able to pin emails for which you are waiting for a reply. This is kind of similar to To-Do folder but is used for entirely different purpose.

Making Use of Flags

Outlook Time Saving Features

Outlook Time Saving Features

  • Most of us have seen this feature yet never made use of it. By right-clicking on a particular email and setting a Flag, you will be able to create reminders for a particular email.
  • This way, you will be prompted and reminded by the email on the time you specify.

As you can see, once you know more about Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to make use of all the different features that Outlook provides and work efficiently.

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