Search Engine Robots – How They Work, What They Do (Part II)

Search Engine Robots – How They Work, What They Do (Part II)

If your site isn’t optimized for search engines, you aren’t going to get very many visitors. On-page optimization is one area of focus for search engine robots. Here’s a look at some of the questions they ask first, then some of the techniques used to optimize pages for search engines:

– Is your URL cluttered with keywords?

If your site consists mostly of URLs that have various spellings or similar meanings, search engine robots may index your site, but they will be indexing what would otherwise be considered unsavvy content.

This is often referred to as keyword stuffing. It’s generally handled by having the same content on every page, but not in every file. The URL is one of the best ways to differentiate between content that was created locally for this page and content that was Travis-formed from a free content directory.

– Are you usingH1 and H2 tags?

If you’re working on an in-house website, make sure that your Webmaster is aware of the proper use of these tags. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked. In most cases, large organizations such as Media Met achievements and overdue media databases use all three of these H tags.

If you’re working on a Travis site, make sure that you and your developers are making Good Use Of The Alt And Title Tags. These tags are meant to tell the search engine robots what image to show if they use and swim at the Travis site. These tags are located below the mainframe, above the directory entries.

– Is your site using link exchanges?

It’s generally recommended to avoid trading links with other sites. In most cases, search engines consider a reciprocal link as unethical. The best way to handle reciprocal links is to get one-way links pointing to your site, and nothing else.

Search Engine Robots - How They Work, What They Do (Part II)

Search Engine Robots – How They Work, What They Do (Part II)

The most obvious way to get links to your site is by writing articles, by hand, and submitting them to the e-zines. Aside from the bang for your buck (free traffic from e-zines), there’s next to no work to do.

If you want to rank in the SERPs, you have to focus on getting the right links.

– Since 90% of all traffic from search engines are generated by 3 search engines, why should you care about search engine algorithms?

While algorithmic calculations are not the main criteria that search engine uses for ranking a web page, these techniques sure make your web page more relevant. The ever-changing criteria make SEO an ongoing challenge for many entrepreneurs. You can always high tail it, meaning that you can lie with the optimization and get the results.

– If I build a 10,000-page website in which every page has 5 keywords, I’ll surely be in trouble.

It’s nonsense to think that you should limit yourself to only find 5 keywords for each page. Search engines have been evolved, they can include related keywords. Since Search Engine Optimization moves at the speed of the computer, it will always remain an evolving process.

– If you develop a “link building campaign”, I’ll put the link-building campaign at the bottom of the priority list.

Cyber EnVolutions always ensures that you have all the resources and tools that you need to get the best out of every campaign. The company has full-fledged infrastructure and team of expert professionals that can help you every step of the way.

– If you think that technical expertise and low pricing can do the trick, you’re wrong.

Having said that, you do need those technical experts to combat the price inflation rising in the world of IT. It is only the cost that is going to adequately prepare you for the competition.

Besides that, Cyber EnVolutions is only a small part of your entire SEO operation. You still need to focus on other SEO techniques like keyword research, brand building, social media marketing.

advisable strategy

It is advisable to start off with a tried and tested strategy. In most cases, it is better to start from scratch. There is nothing wrong with following trends and other established processes. Even in this case, with variations, you can beat the competition.

my SEO knowledge

Search engine marketing is rather vast. When it comes to SEO, there are several techniques that you can adopt. When it comes to online marketing, several methods can be adopted. In most cases, though, the general SEO services are adopted, with tracking and experiments, as well as evaluation of the campaign.

Advantages of paid search

As already stated above, most webmasters, entrepreneurs, as well as SEO experts believe that free traffic is the best place to be. However, allowing yourself to believe that you can do without free traffic, you’re only half assured. There are risks and drawbacks to getting organic traffic.

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