How To Set The Security Zone In Outlook 2007

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Trusted sites in outlook settings

A lot of people use the Outlook program to handle their emails, as it is a fast way to manage messages and contacts from a single place on the computer. You only have to set up an email account in the program, and then every operation you otherwise would have had to go online and log in for, comes as close as a few clicks away.

If you want to keep your PC from harm’s way as far as emails and attached content are concerned, security settings on the outlook program need to be tweaked a bit. If on the other hand, you find that your email flow is being choked by overly stringent security settings in outlook, then it can be changed to be more accommodating. There are no security settings per se in the program; the ones that are there, get pulled in from the internet. So, to change such settings, you’ll need the use of Internet Explorer.

How to change the Outlook Setting for security

  • Switch on the PC and go to the Internet Explorer program by double clicking its icon. Alternatively, go to the start menu and find the entry for Internet Explorer, and then click it.
  • Go to the tools option that you’ll find on the upper left of the Internet Explorer window. You’ll get a drop down menu after this; select Internet Options and click on the tab labeled Security.

    security settings in outlook

              Increase security in outlook settings

  • On the new window , choose the setting zone that you want to make changes to. The options you see there are InternetLocal IntranetTrusted Sites and Restricted Sites, among others.
  • After you’ve picked the zone for alteration, choose the Custom Level option. You’ll have another window pop up, which will let you change all available settings.
  • Change the settings as you see fit. For information regarding the changes, consult online tech resource websites. See that you’ve made the right changes, and then confirm the changes by hitting the OK button when prompted. This will immediately put the new security changes into effect.

If you have further doubts about the security settings in outlook, or any other outlook setting, contact Microsoft tech help teams for assistance, either online or over the phone. They are available round the clock to provide assistance, and if for any reason they can’t take up your request immediately, they’ll get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully with a solution to your problem.

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