How To Know If A Business Has Outgrown Microsoft Outlook

About Microsoft Outlook

About Microsoft Outlook

         Outlook As An Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is an extremely useful email client application that is extremely useful for workplaces and individual users alike. The reason behind the popularity of the OS is that the application features several productivity suites. The Calendar application of Outlook makes an excellent task manager and the ability to share your Outlook Calendar extends the functionality even further. Moreover, Outlook has a full-fledged contact manager, Outlook Contacts, using which you can save all your contact details.

If you search about Microsoft Outlook, you will see that most experts will agree that Outlook is a poor choice for email marketing. As the number of clients increase, you will have a tough time sending out bulk or broadcast emails to the email list. Hence, in order to determine if the application software is outdated and cannot be used anymore, here’s what you need to ask yourself.

Distribution Lists Management

Outlook only features a primeval distribution list management. If you are having a tough time handling the list and finding out who is on or off them, it’s time to switch to another dedicated software.

Duplicate emails

If you are sending duplicate emails by mistake, to the same contact, because of your inability to manage the list, Outlook is to blame. Outlook Contacts are useful only in a certain range.

Follow Up

Outlook does not have any feature that enables you to find out a database of people who signed up for your mailing list. Moreover, there is no way to follow up on these contacts because Outlook does not allow sorting the contacts list.

Email Campaign Reporting

Outlook Contacts

Outlook Contacts

         Outlook For Email Marketing

Once you have a large database, you need to know how effective your email campaigns are. You can make the right decisions by analyzing the data. However, Outlook does not provide any of these features.


You have outgrown Outlook and require special dedicated software if you want to personalize emails and send out different broadcast messages.

If you know about Microsoft Outlook, you would know that it works as the best email client. However, it only features rudimentary broadcasting features that can be used to send common emails to a group of people. For email marketing and other campaigns, you will need a dedicated software.

A better alternative would be to invest on email marketing service providers. Such firms will be able to handle a larger broadcasting crowd and will provide excellent analytics that are best suited to improve your business.

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