How To Keep Outlook From Crashing

Outlook Problems

Outlook Problems

You see plenty of posts in online help forums about Microsoft Outlook freezing up or crashing, or showing blank messages. There are several other common problems as well, such as the one given below.

  • Outdated application version installed.
  • Issues with the extensions or add ins.
  • Problems with the PST data file.
  • Problems originating from other apps in the PC.
  • Registry errors.

Here are a few things you can try out to resolve the issue you happened to come across.

  • You might be getting blank messages, in which case you need to make sure you turn off any email scanning feature in your resident antivirus.
  • If crashes are getting to be a frequent occurrence, then you might have to get rid of the add ins in the application. Maybe there’s Acrobat installed, which is probably the reason you’re having the problem.
  • Disable any screen capturing software you have installed. It might be the reason why Outlook crashes so often.

If none of this works, then there’s probably something wrong in the registry. Here’s what you can do to fix that.

  • Hit the Start button and then hit Run.
  • Enter regedit in the text field and hit Enter.
  • Once the registry editor comes up, navigate to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Office \Outlook \Addins.
  • Find Acrobat or other non-Microsoft add-ins, and for these, change the load behavior to 0. To do this, right click on the entry and then select the 0.

    Outlook Issues

    Outlook Issues

  • You might be unable to type out a new message, in which case you should try clicking in one of the ToCC and Subject fields. Then click in the body once more; this usually works.
  • To check your existing PST file for any damage, make a test profile without email accounts. This account won’t have any messages going in or out.

At least one of the steps mentioned above should be enough to take care of the issue for you. If it doesn’t, then there’s probably something wrong with the registry entries you have in the system. The registry is an important part of Windows, which stores all of the installed hardware and software information. If a related file in here gets corrupted, then Outlook might not work in the way it’s supposed to. You can find many resources about Microsoft Outlook problems like these, and fixes for the same online.

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