How To Import Your Email Data In Outlook 2007

Outlook setting, Importing email data

Configuring the Outlook setting

Are you thinking of upgrading your system? Many wish for an upgrade when they find their system obsolete or cannot support new generation software. But is it that easy to simply jump over to a new machine? You might have saved a lot of important files and data in your old machine, so what about such data? Somehow you will want those data to be transferred to your new machine. If you were using Microsoft Outlook and had many important emails saved on to your old system, is there an option to transfer those emails? Relax, MS Outlook allows you to import all your email data from your old computer with much ease. This can be done from the Outlook setting.

Importing email data using Outlook 2007

  • Make sure your Outlook is not open.
  • Go to the folder where you have saved your Outlook .pst files. By default, it will be saved in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. [username] is your Windows login name. Search for the file with the extension”.pst”. If you don’t find any such file, locate the file titled “Outlook” and double-click on it. You will get a notification saying you are trying to open a .pst file. Click “Cancel”.
  • Copy the .pst files to an external memory stick, hard drive or CD and paste those PST files to your new computer.
  • Now launch MS Outlook on your new computer.
  • Go to the “Tools” menu and click “Options”.
  • Click on the “Mail Setup” tab and click on “E-mail Accounts” button.
  • From the new window, click “Data Files” tab and click “Add”.
  • Select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) > OK.
  • Navigate to the saved .pst file and click “OK” twice.
  • Select the option “Set as Default”. When you get a popup notification box saying that you have confirm the change in the

    Outlook setting, Importing email data

    Importing emails in Outlook 2007

    delivery location of your emails, click “OK”.

  • Next, select the unused .pst file and click “Remove”.
  • Click Yes > Close > OK and return to themain Outlook screen.
  • You are now done with importing email data files to the Outlook Account on your new computer. Close Outlook application and restart your computer. After the system reboot, you can find your old email files loaded onto your Outlook account.

You can configure the Microsoft Outlook setting to set it the way you want to access your emails. Explore more such features and continue enjoying MS Outlook.

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