How to Configure the Microsoft Outlook Email Account
Outlook Setting

How to Configure the Microsoft Outlook Email Account

configure your email account

configure your email account

Nowadays, emails are the most popular form of communication used for the official purposes. There are a number of email services, which help them to send and receive the mails. There are two types of email services, the web based email services and the software based email services. Both types have their advantages. The web based mail services are very readily available and we can access the mail from anywhere without installing any software in the computer. Using the software based mail service, you can properly manage your mails and these types of mails are very safe to use.


Microsoft Outlook is a popular mail service based on software. It has a number of features, which helps you to manage and send mails easily. You can configure it to send and receive mail through Microsoft Exchange, IMAP or POP3. You can do this configuration automatically or manually. In order to configure it manually, you need to have a user name, password server addresses and authentication of information. Using a test mail and it checks the Outlook settings after the authentication process is complete.


Try the following instructions to manually configure the Outlook Email Account.



  • Open the Microsoft Outlook and click the File. Then click the Account Settings and select New.
  • Press the Email Account Button and select Next.
  • Enter your name, email ID and password in the respective fields provided.
  • Now the Outlook tries to configure the account automatically. When the configuration is complete, click Next and then click Finish.
  • If you want to configure your account manually, click Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types.

    how to configure Outlook

    how to configure Outlook

  • Then enter your name, email address and password in the respective fields and from the Account Type drop menu, select a server type.
  • Enter the incoming and outgoing mail addresses in the text fields.
  • In the log on information text fields, enter your user name and password. In order to open mail without typing the password all the time, check the Remember password box.
  • Select the More Settings and select the My Outgoing server needs authentication tab in the Outgoing Server options.
  • To change the server ports for incoming and outgoing servers, click the Advanced Tab change server and click OK.
  • Now click Next and you can log into the server and send a test mail. If the mail sends successfully, click Finish to complete the configuration process.

The above said procedure will help you change the Outlook settings and to configure it easily.

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