How To Configure Outlook’s Incoming And Outgoing Server Settings For Hotmail

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set incoming and outgoing mail server in Outlook

Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular email client services developed by Microsoft, which can be accessed through a web browser from any part of the word. Microsoft has primarily designed hotmail to work with web browsers only, but it can be used with email clients as well. So if you want to integrate Hotmail with Microsoft’s outlook client, then you will have to tweak Outlook settings. In this article we have listed out easy methods to get the job done. Kindly read on!

Steps to configure Outlook’s Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings for Hotmail:

  • First you need to launch Microsoft Outlook application in order to configure your Hotmail email service. Once the application is loaded, navigate to the top tool bar and click on Tools and select Email Accounts from the drop down list. In the new window, you need to click on the link Add a new e-mail account and then hit Next. Enter your login details (username, email address, password) and set the connection to POP3.
  • Now you need to set the correct Incoming and Outgoing server settings. Ensure that you have entered the correct values, as any wrong entry can bring the application to a halt state. In such

    hotmail configuration

         how to configure hotmail with Outlook

    cases roll back to the original settings by clicking on the Reset to Default link.

  1. Incoming server settings. You need to set the value for Mail server port to 995 and then set the value for Incoming mail server to Also ensure that the option Logon using Secure Password Authentification – SPA is marked.
  2. Outgoing Mail Server. Here you need to set the value for Outgoing mail server as Now set the value of Outgoing mail server port as 25. Some internet service providers do not support the port 25. During such a scenario, you can try port 587.
  • Now to complete the configuration process, you need to run the Test Settings tool to ensure that the information you have entered is correct. This process also checks if the email id you have entered is valid or not. Finally click Next button to finish your Outlook settings configuration. You will still be able to access your hotmail account through  the Microsoft website.

We hope you are clear with the instructions mentioned above. Thank you for visiting and have a good day!

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