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If you have a Gmail account, but prefer to use the Microsoft Outlook interface for your email communications, you’re in luck. 
Outlook allows you to add your Gmail account to your Outlook account so that you can access both simultaneously within Outlook. 
Here’s how to connect your Gmail account to Outlook on either a PC or a Mac.
1. With your Outlook inbox open, click on the “File” tab in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Click on “Add account.”
3. Type the Gmail address you want to add to your Outlook account, then click “Connect.” 
It might take a few minutes to fully load.
4. The next steps involve signing into your Gmail account. Type in your Gmail address again and click “Next.”
5. Type in your password and click “Sign in.” 
6. Click “Allow.” 
7. If the process was completed successfully, you should see a window confirming that your account has been added. Click “Done” to finalize the changes. 
1. Open Outlook, click on “Preferences,” then click on “Accounts.”
2. Click on the plus sign icon (“+”) and then click “New Account.”
3. Type in your Gmail address and password as though you are signing into Gmail, and click “Add Account” when you are finished.
4. Click “Continue,” then “Sign in to Google.”
5. Click on your Gmail account, type in your password, and then click “Next.”
6. Click “Allow,” then “Open Microsoft Outlook.” 
7. Click “Done” when you are finished and your Gmail emails should now appear in Outlook.
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