Fixing Failures In The Outlook Server

The email accounts of the users make use of the email server that is offered by the email host administrator. The Outlook program also supports internal company accounts. This is done by making use of the Microsoft Exchange Server. If you think that there are any bad settings, you can click on Tools and then select Options in the Interface of the Outlook program. You can then select the email account that is causing the issues and then go to the Properties window of the account. Sometimes, it may happen that the Server fails to respond or crashes unexpectedly.

One fix to the issue is to type in the password again to ensure that the correct password is stored in the server. You will also need to verify that you are having the correct server address and then check SSL if the server needs encrypted communication.

Server Permissions

You will need to check the performance monitor in the Exchange Server administration software. This will allow you to know if the memory and processor resources of the server are used up. If these are used up, the email processes will get slowed down. The next thing that you need to check is the permission for the customers. They will need permission to connect to the Exchange server. You will be able to find these permissions in Active Directory Users and Computers panel. Make sure that the email property for the employee is having the username and inbox verified.

Synchronization Problems

Outlook Exchange Server

Each time the users open the Outlook program, the program synchronizes with the host server. An issue can be the limited space that the Outlook customer can use on the Outlook server. If the inbox of the user is filled up, the server will reject the incoming and outgoing email messages saying that the server is full. In this situation, the user will have only two options, to delete email messages in directory for Outlook or to increase the space that is available in the inbox. Many of the users prefer increasing the space as opposed to deleting the email messages. You will be able to increase the space from Active Directory Users and Computers area.

These are the Outlook setting steps that can be done to prevent failures in the Outlook Server. If you have any confusions or doubts regarding any of the Outlook setting steps, you can contact the official Outlook help and support team.

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