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Microsoft Outlook is one of the well used instant messaging services, with more than 10 million users worldwide; no doubt the application is from the same Microsoft workshop. I think this instant messaging service is more secure than other third party email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. Moreover, Microsoft provides video and audio chatting service, which makes the interaction more real and comfortable to users. The active Microsoft Outlook support team is readily available, from there you can avail any solutions regarding Outlook concerns.

In Microsoft Outlook, all your files got automatically saved in the Documents and Settings directory within the windows operating system. Along with the files, it also records the user specific configurations including the contact files that you used in the Microsoft Outlook. These files can be easily located by providing its extension; normally the contacts are saved in the .pab file extension. By making some changes in Outlook settings, you can easily find an Outlook Contact file.
How to find an Outlook Contact File?


  • Turn on your windows computer system.
  • Bring up the windows startup menu by clicking on the start button. Now double click the my computer option to open an Explorer Window. If you are using a system with windows vista operating system installed on it, then you may see computer option in the startup menu instead of the my computer option.
  • Now go to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook directory. Instead of user you have to provide the username that you have used for your administrator accounts.
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  • Now find out the files with the .pab (personal address book) extension. Normally these files contain your entire Outlook contacts.
  • To find the files with the .pab extension, click on the windows start button. This pop-up menu comes with number of options in it.
  • Now select the search option from the startup menu by simply clicking on it. This calls up a search dialogue box.
  • Now type .pab in the search box followed by hitting the enter switch on your keyboard.  Normally it will take some time to search the entire hard drive for contact files. When the search is complete you will get the list of all contact files on your hard drive.

You can follow these instructions for finding a contact file in Microsoft outlook and if you have any doubt regarding outlook settings, call up the Microsoft Help team. Thank you!

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