Microsoft Stops Mainstream Support For Windows Vista

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Five years after the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has now ended the free support for all Windows Vista users, as the developers moved from the Mainstream support to the Extended one. From now on, the users will have only limited time to make use of the support for Windows XP OS and Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft has advised all the users to upgrade to Windows 7 and leave the old version behind. From now on, the Windows Vista users will have to pay for all the support, except for the security updates provided by Microsoft. These updates will be served by Microsoft for the next three years and the period of Extended support will be terminated on 11th April, 2017.

With the Mainstream support, Microsoft has served free and regular operating system updates that were released as security fixes or other patches. In the Extended support period, almost all the patches have to be paid. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows support number.

Microsoft Corporation has expanded the Extended time frame of the Windows XP OS or Office 2003 for three years when compared to Windows Vista. This could be because of the low number of people who are using Windows Vista when compared to Windows XP. Another product from Microsoft that has moved inside the Extended Support period is Office 2007, which will be discontinued completely in 2017.

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You should understand that all the versions of the operating system are affected by this decision, including Vista Business, Enterprise, Business N, Home Basic N, Home Basic, Starter and Ultimate editions. The final cutoff date is approaching fast for the Windows XP users, who just have 2 years to switch to a new version of the OS before the expiry of the extended support. The Windows XP OS stayed in the mainstream support for many years, longer than the Windows Vista OS and the reason for this is the popularity of the OS, even though Microsoft plans the support period for their operating systems based on how long it has been since the new version of Windows OS was released.

If you wish to know more on the Extended support and end of Mainstream support for the Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems, you can contact the Windows support number. They will be able to provide you with more details on this regard. You can get the Windows support number from the official website of Microsoft.