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About Microsoft Outlook

       MS Outlook helps you stay connected

Have you ever worked on the Microsoft Outlook email application? One of the foremost email clients in the world, Outlook helps you connect with friends, family and colleagues. However, there is more; Outlook also functions as a great personal manager tool. With features and services that include email, contact manager, appointments setting and calendars, taking notes, and making journals, it isn’t a wonder why many people – especially professionals – choose to integrate Outlook into their daily lives.

You can even open your Outlook account from another system, customize your account settings, transport calendars to cell phones and other web mail applications. Make a personal address book or PAB, and stay connected with all your contacts through any device. This PAB is a physically transportable friend list, which lets you talk to them anytime and anyplace. Outlook has many versions and each have something unique to offer the users. So what else is great about Microsoft Outlook? Here are some other features provided by Outlook.

Internet Headers in Outlook 2010 and 2013

In Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013, this particular option has been removed from the context right click menu. Nevertheless, do not worry – there are other alternative methods to make the dialog box accessible and view the internet headers of that message.

Open the message first

  • If you wish to access the Message options of a message that you opened in its own window using a double click, then you must go to File then hit the Info button: Properties.
  • Leave the message closed.
  • If you wish to bypass opening the message first, and access the Message Options dialog directly in the Outlook Window, then you must do the following.
  • Add the Message options command in your Quick Access toolbar.

    Quick Access toolbar

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  • Go to File and then select Options.
  • On your left is the Quick Access toolbar. Select it.
  • In the drop down list change Choose commands from to Commands Not in the Ribbon.
  • Select Message options in the command list.
  • Press the Add>> button.
  • Press OK.

Now you have the option in the Quick Access toolbar situated on the top of the Outlook window. This feature also allows you to view a message’s Internet headers without having to open a message first.

I hope that now you know quite a lot about Microsoft Outlook and will definitely be a regular user. Use Outlook and always stay connected, never miss your appointments and always have a personal calendar drawn up. MS Outlook is an incredible product and should be used by more professionals.