Outlook settings to customize Reading Pane

Outlook settings to customize Reading Pane

Outlook settings to customize Reading Pane

What’s so great about Microsoft Outlook that it dominates the corporate world? The answer lies in the fact that you can use the program in whatever way works best for you. And the credit for this undoubtedly goes to the numerous Outlook settings.

Customizing the features come easily with Outlook settings. For instance, you can get an idea of what the e-mail is about without actually opening it in the new window. The Reading Pane in Outlook is where the body of your e-mail is displayed before you actually open it. It only takes few minutes to customize the reading pane using Outlook settings just the way you want it.

Outlook settings that help you in customizing Reading Pane

Follow these instructions and make the best use of your email program’s many features. Head straight to ‘Mail’ section of Outlook in the left navigation pane and expand the ‘View’ menu. Select the ‘Reading Pane’, which opens a new window where you can select ‘Right’, or ‘Bottom’ to position the Reading Pane.

Next, click ‘Options’ from the ‘Tools’ menu and choose ‘Other’ tab. Hit the ‘Reading Pane’ button to customize it using Outlook settings. Once you decide on whether to mark e-mails as read when they display in the pane, use the first option. That is select ‘Mark Items as Read When Viewed in the Reading Pane.’ You even Outlook settings to adjust the time Outlook should wait before marking the item as read.

What’s more, you can even view consecutive messages by pressing the space bar. Check the Outlook settings option ‘Single Key Reading Using Space Bar’ and you have it.

Truly, Outlook is a unique e-mailing client that provides you with multiple Outlook settings to give you pleasant experience. No wonder the business world is incomplete without Outlook.

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