Outlook settings to change to classic view

Outlook settings to change to classic view

Outlook settings to change to classic view

Of course there are many who wish they had their old versions back after upgrading. Learning how to use a new version may take substantial time which not many like. You may feel like going back to your comfortable old programs. If you are one of those Outlook users, longing for that old look and feel, your wish may just come true with these Outlook settings.

That’s right, you do have some Outlook settings that can be changed to bring back the good ol’ classic view that you like working in. But the sad part is that there is no direct method to change Outlook 2007’s view to match the previous versions. But at least you can get back the view by changing certain Outlook settings. Check out how you can do it.

What Outlook settings need to be changed to get back the classic view?

The first and foremost step is to open Outlook 2007 from the ‘All Programs’ under the ‘Start’ menu. Head towards ‘Inbox’ at the top leftmost pane and hit ‘View.’ Hover over ‘Current View’ until a new menu pops up. Select the Outlook settings ‘Define Views…’ at the bottom of the new menu.

The next step to change Outlook settings to get the classic view is to select ‘Other Settings….’ button. Once the new box pops up, hit ‘No grid lines…’ from the ‘Grid line style’ menu. Make sure you uncheck the ‘Show items in Groups’ box.

Outlook settings: Final steps to change your current view to classic view

After you uncheck the said box, select the round radio button under the ‘Reading Pane.’ You will find this next to ‘Bottom’. Hit ‘Ok’ and close all the other Outlook settings windows other than the main Outlook window. You just need to click and drag the thin line above the ‘Navigation Pane’ in the bottom left corner of the Outlook window.

There you have the good ol’ classic view back in the new version.

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