Outlook Settings in order to configure a Time Warner Email

Time Warner Cable offers high speed Internet access and email. The company’s Email service is known as Roadrunner. Roadrunner account in your email program can be configured easily to access email by means of a number of Outlook settings. Configure the Time Warner Email using these Outlook settings.

   Outlook Settings for Roadrunner email account

  1. Launch Outlook and go to “Tools” or “File” depending on which version you have.
  2. Open “Account Settings”.
  3. Click the email tab
  4. Select “New”.
  5. Click the box that starts “Manually configure server outlook settings” in 2007 or 2010 and click “Next”.
  6. Previous Outlook versions only offer manual configuration unlike these Outlook Settings.
  7. Go to User Information and type your name as you want it to appear in your outgoing messages. Also enter full email address.
  8. Select “POP3” under Server Information. Type “pop-server.san11.com” or “pop-server.roadrunner.com” in the incoming mail server box. Use the server that matches your email address.  You have email@san11.com or email@roadrunner.com. So use the matching server.
  9. Type “smtp-server.san.11.com” or “smtp-server.roadrunner.com” in the Outgoing mail server box. Again use the one that matches your email address.
  10. Enter your full Road Runner email address in the User Name box. Type in your password and check “Remember Password” unless you want to enter it every time you check or send email.
  11. Click “Test Account Settings” and wait for Outlook to send a text message to your Road runner account. It will show up in your inbox. Choose “Next”, then “Finish” to complete the configuration.


These Outlook Settings serve to ensure that roadrunner email accounts are successfully installed. These Outlook settings are being widely used for proper configuration of Time Warner email account settings by more and more computer users as these are Outlook settings are easy to comprehend and follow.