Outlook setting to create a shortcut to launch a specific Outlook profile

Microsoft Outlook has the provision for multiple Outlook profiles and you can configure Outlook to prompt you to choose a profile at start. Or you can change the Outlook setting to avoid the prompt by creating a desktop shortcut that allows you to launch a particular profile directly. This article presumes you have multiple Outlook profiles and demonstrates how you can adjust your Outlook setting to enable a one click launch of a specific profile.


Change your Outlook setting


Following are some very simple and compact guidelines to change your Outlook setting to choose a particular Outlook profile. In order to make the adjustment to your Outlook Setting, you’ll need the name of the profile you want to launch with the icon you create. To find your profile name:


  • Click Start->Control Panel->Mail.
  • Click “Show Profiles”. This will show a list of available profiles. Note the name of the one for which you wish to change the Outlook setting to create a desktop icon.


Outlook setting to create the shortcut


  • To start off this procedure to change the Outlook setting, right click on the desktop, select New, and then click Create Shortcut.
  • In the Create Shortcut dialog box, in Type the Location for the item, enter “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE” /profile “[NAME]“, where [NAME] is the name of your profile.

The file path (“C:\Program Files … OUTLOOK.EXE”) must be in quotation marks, followed by a space, then /profile, another space, and then your profile name. The profile name must also be in quotes if the name contains a space.

  • Click Next.
  • In Type a Name for this shortcut, enter the name you want this desktop shortcut to display.
  • Click Finish.

These guidelines are probably the simplest to follow for creating a desktop icon to launch a specific Outlook profile.