Outlook Setting for Charter Account with Microsoft Outlook 2007

Charter Communications happens to be a telecommunications company. It is known for providing cable television, high-speed Internet and telephone services to customers in 27 states. The company is said to offer webmail access as well. In case you prefer to use Outlook as your mail client, you can configure the program to send and receive your Charter emails. How to do so has been detailed below. Read on in order to find out how you can configure the appropriate Outlook setting.

Procedure for setting Chartered Account with Microsoft Outlook 2007

  1. Commence the procedure in order to set chartered account with Microsoft Outlook 2007 by first opening Outlook. You are then instructed to click “Tools” and then select “Account Settings.” Then you must click “New,” which is conveniently located under the Email tab. It has been suggested that you select the option that says “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP” and then make sure that you do not forget to click “Next.”
  2. Move on to the next step of this procedure by filling out the text boxes, then entering your name, and finally your Charter email address and password. You are advised to check the box that says “Manually Configure Server Settings,” and click “Next.”
  3. Following which, you will need to select “Internet Email,” and click “Next.” Then you have to enter your name and Charter email address in the text boxes beneath the “User Information” heading. You must select “POP3” from the Account Type drop-down menu.
  4. The penultimate instruction which needs to be followed is to enter “pop.charter.net” in the box labeled “Incoming Mail Server.” You have to then enter “smtp.charter.net” in the box that has been labeled “Outgoing Mail Server.”
  5. As the final instruction, you are expected to enter your Charter username and password in the boxes under “Logon Information.” It is necessary that you check the box that says “Remember Password,” and then you will need to click “Next.” Click “Finish” in order to complete the setup process and thereby configure the requisite Outlook Setting.

By following this procedure, you will have configured the Outlook setting that is most suitable for configuring Chartered Account with Microsoft Outlook 2007. This will give you all the help that you would need in order to set Chartered Account with Microsoft Outlook 2007.