Outlook Setting Configuration steps for synching a NetZero account

NetZero, currently known as United online services, is an Internet Service Provider company. Based in Woodland Hills, California, the company expanded into its present strength through a series of acquisitions and merging. The company offers unlimited services for a certain amount of fee per month. United Online offers a fast and reliable Internet service with numerous nationwide access numbers and benefits such as free emailing. NetZero offers dial-up connections, which have only 56k limited speeds. So, in order to enhance the service, NetZero service pre-fetches HTML markup, JavaScript and other files and compresses them. This technology prevents the user’s cache from re-downloading files hence enhancing performance.
NetZero and Outlook
NetZero email service uses POP3 servers for data transfer. This makes configuring Outlook setting with NetZero feasible. If the service features promised by the company is to be accounted, Outlook setting configuration with NetZero account should give an enhanced experience to the user. With the increased speed, sending and receiving emails through Outlook will become very convenient and it will also be an added advantage to Outlook features. This article is on how to setup a NetZero account with Outlook 2007.
Configure Outlook setting with NetZero account
Follow the step-by-step procedure for synching your NetZero account with Outlook 2007.
• Launch Microsoft Outlook 2007.
• Click Tools and select Account Settings.
• Select the E-mail tab and click the New button.
• Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP option.
• Provide your NetZero email address and password in the corresponding fields. Check the Manually configure server settings or additional server types box and hit Next.
• Select the Internet E-mail option. Enter your name and NetZero email address in the respective fields.
• Select POP3 from the Account Type menu.
• In Incoming Mail Server, enter pop.netzero.com and smtp.netzero.com in Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field.
• Input NetZero user name, without including the @netzero.com email address extension, in the User Name field.
• Provide NetZero account password in the password field.
• Select More Settings button.
• Select the General tab and type NetZero in the Mail Account field. Click OK, and then click Next.
• Choose Finish to complete the setup process.
This will synch your NetZero account with Outlook 2007. Now you can send and receive messages in Outlook 2007 using your NetZero email account.