How To Add Multiple Email Accounts In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook setting

Adding email address in MS Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook has long been considered as one of the best email client applications around. Since its launch there has been no looking back. Microsoft Outlook is one among many other tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint which comes bundled with Microsoft Office suite. Though MS Outlook is being used by many- both home users and business users- its functional capacity is never fully utilized. Many still use Outlook simply to send and receive emails. But, with its multifunctional tools and utilities, Outlook can be configured for various other purposes.

The Outlook is designed to handle multiple email accounts which is its main feature. Because of its multiple task management and communication capabilities, the outlook can simplify much of the users’ tasks. Here we will be discussing about how to setup multiple email accounts in MS Outlook setting.

Instructions to add multiple email accounts in Outlook

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook either from the Start menu or by double-clicking the Outlook icon on desktop.
  • Go to the Mail page and click on “Tools” menu at the top. From the dropdown menu, select “Options”.
  • From the Options window, click on “Mail Setup” tab.
  • Now click on “Email Accounts” button.
  • When you get into this window, by default the “Email” tab will be selected. Now click on the “New” option that you see on the left of the window.
  • It’s time to select the email service type. By default “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP” will be selected and this should work for almost all applications. Proceed by clicking “Next”.
  • The place where you see the option to enter your name, just type in the desired name as you would like to appear.

    Multiple email accounts

    Configuring multiple email accounts in Outlook setting

  • Now provide your email address.
  • In the password type field, enter the email password. Re-enter the password once again in the next password type field for confirmation.
  • Click on “Next” and the Outlook will try to validate the email address you have entered. It will send a test email to your mailbox and will try to access it. Once the email validation is complete, Outlook will display a “Success” message. ClickFinish” button.
  • Now return to the main Mail page and under the left ribbon, you will find the new email address added along with other existing mail boxes.

You have now successfully added a new email address to the Outlook mailbox. By configuring more than one email account in Outlook setting can help you access all your emails from different accounts without needing you to log into each email accounts which takes away all the hassles that is associated with handling email accounts.