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Microsoft Corporation’s Outlook, which is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is an excellent application, which is useful in more than helping you manage your personal information. When the Outlook email setup is done properly, on using its various customizable avatars, it can prove to be very flexible and efficient in managing your emails or messages. It has always undoubtedly been one of the most popular email clients, as far as Windows users are concerned. Microsoft Outlook has the capability to inform you whether new messages have arrived, in a variety of ways. On the arrival of a new message, Outlook pops a Desktop Alert that will give you brief information regarding the new message, such as information about the sender, the subject area and the initial few lines of the message (providing you have configured Outlook email setup).

Apart from the desktop alert, an envelope will appear in the area where notifications are displayed at the bottom right of your screen. If you were not able to know the presence of a message through visible alerts, then Outlook issues an audible notification on arrival of a new message, and the mouse cursor for a short time period will change into a letter icon. Audible notifications will be heard only when you activate sound on your computer. So see to it that you have activated sound on your computer.

Notifications In Outlook

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These notifications are very convenient and configurable. You can leave all of the available types of notifications on, or turn some (or all, as per your preference) them off. If you want to modify the notification preferences then you can make some Outlook email setup or e-mail option changes. Go to Tools menu and select Options. In the Preferences tab, you have to click on E-Mail Options. After that, click Advanced E-Mail Options in order to adjust the notifications based on your specific preferences. You can complete the process by clicking OK to close each open dialogue box.

Additionally, you can also specify the frequency with which Outlook should check for new messages. To do this, you can make some changes in Outlook email setup. Therefore, Go to Tools menu and select Options. Then select the Mail Setup tab and in it click on the Send/Receive. In the All Accounts section, check the Schedule an automatic send/receive every _ minutes box and specify your preferred mail checking frequency by entering a number (representing minutes) into the box. By default it shows mail checking frequency as 30 minutes.

This is some help with setting up the Email Message Notifications In Outlook. Get in touch with MS support for more assistance.