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The best part of Microsoft Outlook is that it allows you to configure any e-mail account with it. Whether it’s Gmail, SouthBell, Yahoo or MSN, Outlook settings doesn’t let you down. If sending and receiving e-mails using your MSN e-mail address is what you want, these Outlook settings will let you do just that.

Firstly, you should know the type of MSN e-mail you have before you get started. For instance, if your MSN is your ISP, it’s most likely that you have an MSN POP3 account. If you use MSN’s free e-mail service, then you are likely to have a web-based account without POP3 access. Now let’s check out how Outlook settings help you in configuring MSN e-mail account with ease.

Outlook settings: Get started with configuring MSN account

The first and foremost step in using Outlook settings to configure MSN account is heading towards ‘Tools’ menu and selecting ‘Account settings.’ Select ‘Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP’ under the ‘New’ option. Continue and enter the required details like your MSN e-mail address and password in the Outlook settings boxes. Make sure you select ‘Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types’ and proceed.

You need to again enter the necessary details in the ‘User Information’ heading under the ‘Internet E-mail’ option. Time to fill up the server information. Ensure that you enter the right Outlook settings- ‘pop3.email.msn.com” in the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ box and ‘smtp.email.msn.com’ in the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ field.

Outlook settings: Other formalities to be followed

If you have a Web-based MSN account, Outlook settings you need to select under ‘Account Type’ is ‘HTTP.’ Now select ‘MSN’ from the ‘HTTP Service Provider’ menu and take care not to select ‘Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).

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Finally, enter your MSN user name and password in the respective fields. Proceed and hit ‘Finish’ to complete the setup of your MSN e-mail account in Outlook.