Outlook Settings for Roadrunner Account

outlook setting


You recently discovered the email provider “Roadrunner” and found it to be pretty cool. You wanna configure Roadrunner in Outlook, but Sam isn’t around to help (as he normally does), so what now? No need to panic. This article gives you clear guidelines to setup “Roadrunner” in Outlook using Outlook settings. Let’s take a look.

Steps to setup Roadrunner using Outlook settings

Open “Outlook” and go to “Tools” in Outlook settings. Then open “Account Settings” and click the email tab and select “New”. The “New Email Account” dialog box will open. After that, select the box “Manually configure server settings” and click “Next”.

Once that is done, go to ‘User information’ in Outlook settings and type your name and email address. Under Server Information, you need to choose “POP3”. Then type “pop-server.san.rr.com” or “server.roadrunner.com” in the incoming mail server box. Be sure to use the correct outlook settings for the server. Once you have entered that, type “smtp-server.san.rr.com” or “smtp-server.roadrunner.com” in the Outgoing mail server box. Once again, use the email address that matches the server address.

Now enter your full Road runner email address in the User name box. After that, enter your password and check “Remember password” and select “Test Account”. Wait for Outlook to send a text message to your Road Runner account. This will show up in your Inbox. Click “Next” and “Finish” to complete the configuration process.

If you think your Outlook settings need more configuring, just go to ‘More settings’. But it would be better if you got Sam, your tech buddy, to take care of it.

outlook setting

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Now that wasn’t complicated. Configuring your Outlook settings to set up Roadrunner was easy. Makes you wonder why you were ever worried about it!