Outlook settings for configuring your SBCglobal email account

sbcglobal with outlook


Microsoft Outlook has the capability to work with any email account, but most users find it a bit hard to get the correct settings for their account. So, if you’re using a SBCglobal email account, then you’ve come to the right place to get your Outlook settings. But before we get on with configuring your new email account, keep in mind that Outlook settings are what personalize your Outlook and at the same time these Outlook settings influence the stability of your Outlook program. So, make sure you’re careful when you create and modify your Outlook settings, because even a single wrong configuration can cause your Outlook to go haywire.

Let’s configure your new email account

Here’s the right configuration for SBCglobal’s Outlook settings.

  1. Click on ‘Tools’ from the Outlook toolbar and select ‘Email Accounts’. Now, select ‘Add a new email account’ and then click on ‘Next’.
  2. After this, select the ‘POP3’ option and then fill in the relevant SBCglobal email account details in their respective fields. In the drop down menu, choose the POP3 option and type ‘att.yahoo.com’ in the white box beside the ‘Incoming mail server’. Also, add ‘smtp.att.yahoo.com’ in the white box beside the ‘Outgoing mail server’.
  3. After typing in these Outlook settings click OK and exit the Outlook settings wizard. Finally, click ‘Finish’.
  4. Now right click the newly created account, and select ‘Properties’. Go to the ‘advanced’ tab, and change the port number for the Outgoing server to ‘465’. Enable the option ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)‘ Change the number ‘995’ under the tab ‘Incoming mail (POP3) and make sure the option ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’ is enabled too.
  5. And that’s it, click OK and close the Outlook settings wizard. You’ve successfully configured your SBCglobal email account with your Outlook.

Reading SBCglobal’s documentation can be helpful if you want to modify additional Outlook settings. Plus, they’ll even have basic troubleshooting steps to rectify small and common issues you may face with your new email account. Also, make sure you download the latest Window updates to increase your system’s stability and security.outlook setting