Outlook setting for configuring alarms

In Microsoft Outlook, you will able to set alarm for alerting you about an upcoming event or to wake you up from sleep. Outlook has got a reminder setting which can also play the role of an alarm clock. It also enables you to choose the sound for your alarm. This article contains information for doing the same.

Instructions for setting alarm

The instructions mentioned below will assist you in the process of configuring Outlook setting for enabling alarm clock.

  1. First make sure that the time and date of your computer clock is perfect. Look at the right side of your task bar, where you will be able to find the icon for adjusting your speaker volume, if it’s too low, increase it, if it is too high, reduce it. While setting the volume, just be sure that it will wake you up.
  2. Okay, enough with the speaker volume adjustment, let’s now workout on Outlook setting. Double click on the icon for Outlook located on your desktop. When the Outlook window opens up, click on the option labeled “File” situated right there on the main menu of Outlook. Move your mouse towards the option “New” and from there choose “Appointments” for opening the scheduler page.
  3. Put the start time of the appointment 15 minutes ahead of the alarm time. The drop-down menu for times which only provides you with the top and bottom of each hour.  So point your cursor in the time box and type the time on which you want to alarm to go off plus 15 minutes.
  4. Mark the check box next to “Reminder”. Use the drop-down menu for setting the reminder to start off 15 minutes before the appointment.
  5. Select an alarm sound of your choice.  To do this click on the speaker button, hit the button labeled “Browse” and locate the media file of your choice. Once you have located the file, single click on it and hit the Open button. Click on “OK” in the reminder sound dialog box.
  6. Finally confirm your Outlook setting by clicking the “Save” button.

That’s all the information you need to configure your alarm clock in Outlook. Have a nice day or a good night (whichever the case is!).