Don’t Become an E-Mail Password Hoax Victim

Don’t Become an E-Mail Password Hoax Victim

Remember the classic story from grade school? “The dog ate my homework.” Maybe not such a popular (or remembered!) excuse nowadays, it sure was popular “way back when.” Fast-forward to today, when a similar story is used by internet-based crooks to con people out of important personal information – the password to their e-mail account. In my private computer practice, several of my clients have reported getting this same kind of e-mail scam, claiming to be from Microsoft.

The internet-based version of the notorious MSN Messenger special offers people who want to block the use of e-mail on their phone the option of choosing from a variety of other contacts to add to their address book. The e-mail is sent from a fake e-mail server (bats right in the face of those “Active X” days), and appears to come from Microsoft Support. The subject reads: “Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. Some content in message may not be safe unless you fix it.” The message is supposedly about an infected e-mail attachment that can be sent from a user’s computer to the supposed recipient. The attachment is actually anything but sensitive – it contains a worm called “Patter”.

If you open the attachment, the worm goes on a lookout loop, and begins to mole an e-mail address book, either randomly or on purpose. The e-mail address book is then harvested and the worm sent out, on purpose or randomly, to everyone in that address book. If you’re an e-mail user, you might think this is over the top, and it is, but millions of people fall for the trick every month. The number of addresses that the worm finds are added to a database where an e-mail technician attempts to identify the worm’s source.

When the technician is able to identify the worm, the e-mail is removed from its address book and the number of addresses the e-mail has at this time is recorded. The technician then attempts to disinfect your computer by cleaning all the folders the worm affected, and deleting the e-mail attachment. Hopefully, the worm will not spread too far and the technician will be able to remove it without too much trouble.

This is where you as a user can make a difference. If you’re careful about clicking on e-mail attachments and especially avoid clicking on ads that say “Click Here to Uninstall this program”, you can help prevent this software from attacking your computer. Keep in mind though, that just because a program is included in a download, it does not mean it is safe. We recommend you download only files from companies you trust. This is, of course, just personal opinion but we feel strongly about this matter. Therefore, we will not be hosting any programs or files sent in these downloads. Thank you for your time.

Why is this program so powerful?

Microsoft’s latest press release regarding this program states: “The latest version of Microsoft Office comes with built-in protection against viruses and other malicious attachments that includes the redesigned XPAntiTrust eTrust Admin Tool. This tool allows real-time protection against threats such as viruses, phishing, and spam e-mails. It also includes protection against malicious attachments downloaded through SMTP e-mail messages or P2P networks.”

XPAntiTrust eTrust Admin Tool is nothing but a scam on your money by the same people who brought you the fake XPAntiTrust Spyware program. Using the fake scanner gadget designed by them, this fake software attempts to trick you into purchasing the full version of this rogue program. Do not purchase the program as it is nothing but a scam on your money! Why should you? This program attacks your computer through your internet connection without your knowledge. When you visit any malicious website, the malicious code from the website attacks your system through your internet browser. You probably won’t even know about it until your computer slows down to a crawl or you start receiving annoying and incessant pop-up advertisements.

Uninstall XPAntiTrust eTrust Spyware From Your Computer

You can remove this rogue program with the help of the anti spyware remover tool (available in the download section directly under internet). Before using the spyware remover tool, please make sure you are really surprised by this pop-up advertisement by clicking on the large red button titled “Important Alert”. This will notify you about the presence of this malicious application on your computer.

Now, using the XPAntiTrust eTrust Admin Tool, you can detect and remove the malicious files at any step of the process. Once it removes from your system, you should run the program to make sure that your computer is virtually virus free.

To improve the performance and speed of the software, you can use PC maintenance tool.

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