Fix Outlook Express errors that involve the error code ‘0x800ccc10’

Outlook Express is an email program developed by Microsoft that lets you store, manage, send and receive email messages. If you’ve been using web based email accounts such as Gmail Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail, you need an active internet connection to login to your online account and access messages. But with your Outlook Express, you can access your stored mails, even if you are offline. Please note THAT you can send and receive emails in Outlook Express only when you have added email accounts in the program.

But, sometimes Outlook Express errors can trouble your smooth usage of this program. Let us discuss one among the serious Outlook Express errors here – Error 0x800ccc10. This error occurs when you try to send an email from your Outlook Express. The error will give you a message that the email address you entered is incorrect or it can’t be recognized. This means that the address you mentioned in your ‘sent mail’ is not found in the destination mail server. This also occurs when the message you are trying to send hangs in the program. These Outlook Express errors can also be caused by installing or upgrading a new program without completely removing some conflicting application.

Solution for Outlook Express Errors: Error0x800ccc10

  1. For the solution to these type Outlook Express errors, you need to do a clear diagnose of the problem. For that, first you need to check the address of the recipient, especially the spellings.
  2. Finding your path through the ‘Windows registry’ deleting accumulated bad entries. It is easy as installing a registry tool to resolve registry errors and that is the fastest solution to these type Outlook Express Errors.
  3. If a mail you send freeze, delete it from the Outbox and resend it.

Outlook Express errors are frustrating. Find the solution then and there itself. If you find more difficulty with Outlook Express errors, contact the Microsoft Support Team, so that they can help you to sort out your Outlook Express Errors in short span of time.