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About Microsoft Outlook

       Info About Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal manager program that is used by many over the world for managing their emails. One of the features about Microsoft Outlook is that it also has some other features like contacts manager, calendar, notes taker and variety of other tools to help you manage your day to day tasks. Here we discuss some of the features of Outlook and how you can use them.


  • Configure Outlook email client in your computer. The program will prompt you to set up your email account with the program when you open the program for the first time. Setup the email by providing the account details like email address, password, server details etc in the appropriate text boxes. If you do not see the account configuration wizard, you can launch it by clicking on the Add Accounts tab found under the Accounts section in the Tools menu.
  • With the Outlook calendar feature, you can keep track of the meetings, birthdays, anniversaries and other events easily. You can easily add new events to the calendar by choosing the date and then entering the event after double clicking on the calendar page. Make sure that you have set the correct timing of the event and when you want to be reminded about the event. Already entered events can also be seen in the calendar when you select the corresponding dates.
  • One of the best features about Microsoft Outlook is that it now allows the users to add notes. You can easily create new notes by clicking on the Notes tab found at the left side panel of the screen. The main function of the notes is to act as Sticky notes and the best thing is that they can be shown in different colors by changing apt settings.

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  • The Outlook personal manager program also helps you in tracking the work you have been doing on other Office products. This can be easily done with the help of the journal feature in the Outlook email manager program. You can also use journals for schedules, to time phone calls, meetings, and for tracking billing details.
  • You can also make use of Tasks for keeping track of things to be completed and set the last date for completion of specific projects.
  • With the Contacts feature in the Outlook program, you can easily select and view the details about the people in your contacts folder. The Outlook program even allows the users to categorize their contacts to different groups, so that you can easily find contacts.

The above instructions will help you in working with the Outlook email client. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

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Tips To Work Faster In Outlook

About Microsoft Outlook

Email In Outlook

This article shares some of the tips to work faster in the Microsoft Outlook program. You can adopt these methods to make the Outlook program work with lightning speed. If you wish to know more on these tips, you can visit the about Microsoft Outlook page in the official Microsoft website.

Archive Old Email Messages

Microsoft Outlook program automatically archives the email messages after a period of six months. However if you get many email messages, you may have to archive the emails much before the auto archive date. If you wish to change the archive deadline, you can go to Properties of Inbox by right clicking on the Inbox folder and selecting Properties. From here, you can go to the last Auto Archive tab. In this tab, you will be able to change the Auto Archive time. You can select 15 days as it is an apt duration.

Size Of Personal Folder

Whenever you open the Outlook program, it loads the personal folder of the Outlook program. This includes the Outlook Inbox also. Bigger size of Outlook folder leads to slowness in the startup of the Outlook program. It is recommended to move the email messages into other folders to make the program work faster. You can create the folders with the name of the clients and projects to make the Outlook Inbox as organized as possible.

Updating The Status Report

Open an email message that contains the details of the project and go to the Task tab located on the top of the window. Click on Manager Task and then select the one that says Send Status report. The report will come up as an email with the task status at the bottom line and you will be able to add CC and BCC to update the other users in a minute.

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Microsoft Outlook

Sending The Emails Faster

While sending the email messages, we tend to send the attachments with it. Instead of this practice, we can directly send the email message by right clicking on the item that we wish to send and then go for the one that says Send To. You can then choose Mail Recipient to open the new mail and send the mail.

These are some of the easy to follow tips to work faster in the Outlook program. If you wish to know more about Microsoft Outlook tips that are shared above, you can contact our tech support team.

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Chinese Government Bans Installation Of Windows 8 On Government PCs

Windows Support

          Features Of Windows OS

After 13 years since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has ended the Windows support for the operating system last April. Even though it was not welcomed by most of the existing Windows XP users, we were seeing a gradual decline of this operating system from the market after the end of support date. This decline would certainly make Microsoft happy, as most of the customers avoiding Windows XP would choose a newer version of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8. However, at this point, there is a bad news coming from China for the software giant. The Chinese government has now decided not to install Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 on government computers.

It is estimated that more than a third of PCs in China still run on Windows XP. There are no exact figures on the number of government PCs running Windows XP. However, it is clear that Windows XP is the prominent one. An interesting fact about the Chinese market is that a large percentage of operating systems installed in the PCs are pirated ones. This means, revenue through operating system sales in China is very less for the software giant. According to Windows support, this revenue could be just about 5 percent of the revenue from US.

One of the reasons for the large user base of Windows XP in China is piracy, according to Windows support center. With the new operating systems, Microsoft had come up with higher security measures, which are difficult to crack. However, according to the Chinese government, Microsoft should cut down the prices of the operating system and this will automatically put an end to piracy.

Linux For Mobiles

           Windows Operating Systems

So, what is the exact reason behind the ban of Windows 8? According to the Chinese government’s procurement center website, the new measure is a part of the energy saving process. However, according to the official news agency of the country, Xinhua, the new ban comes to ensure security of data since the end of support date of Windows XP.

Some believe that the new move from the government is to put pressure on Microsoft and extend the end of support date for its Windows XP operating system. We might also see new native operating systems developed in the country. There is already a mobile operating system based on Linux for mobiles, called China Operating System. We might soon see a desktop version of this operating system.

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Troubles With Outlook Sync

Outlook Setting

              Outlook Sync

Outlook is an extensively used email manager for personal and business use. It comes with features like contacts, calendar, and address book, which makes scheduling very easy if you know the right Outlook setting to manipulate.

Being a cross-platform program, Outlook can be carried on other devices than Windows computers, like Android-based tablets and smartphones and iPhone. Synchronization among these devices can be set up as an overall process so that changes made from one are reflected on data accessed from others.

Most users however, prefer to do offline work and then the sync the data later. Sometimes though, using this technique can lead you to you errors citing server overload, data corruption, etc.

While synchronizing your offline address list

If you are using the 2003 version of Outlook, and try to synchronize your offline address book with Exchange Server 2003 or 2007, there is a chance you will get the 0x8004010F: An object could not be found error. You may see this in the Sync Issues Folder. In addition, if you try sending mail after this, you will get another error saying: Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x8004010F): The operation failed. An object could not be found.

Server Overload

             Cross-Platform Outlook

Trying to sync contacts or calendar on an iPhone or iPod touch can sometimes direct you to errors. Such issues are mostly caused by third-party plug-ins, corruption in the installed version of iTunes, etc.Errors are also encountered by Outlook users trying to synchronize their computer-based version of the email client with a Pocket PC. The usual one says: An external application is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this? And after you finish the sync process, you would get this error too: Synchronization cannot start because this desktop computer cannot access necessary information. The cause for this is that the ActiveSync software is outdated.

While trying to make offline work possible using sync, you may get an Operation Failed error message. To boot that, you will have other errors, which cause the application to crash. The most common cause for this is that one of the message folders has exceeded the permitted storage use.

These are some of the common sync errors and the faulty Outlook setting that cause them. Call our tech support for fixing such problems.

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Outlook App For Android Updated With New Features

About Microsoft Outlook

Outlook For Android Receives First Update

Microsoft productivity Suite, which was earlier featured on only native Windows operating system, has come a long way over the years. Recognizing the need to please mobile customers who use their handheld Smartphones for most of their needs, Microsoft slowly changed its strategy to include other platforms like Android and iOS. This change of strategy includes releasing various programs that were part of the Microsoft Office suite in the android and iOS market.

Moreover, the famous personal-information-manager cum email program, Microsoft Outlook, was also recently released on the android market. To know more about Microsoft Outlook for android, you may contact our technical staff now. A few years ago, nobody would have predicted that such cross-platform compatibility would catch on to become a trend! However, this practice is here to stay as Microsoft recently rolled out its first updates for Outlook App for Android operating systems.

Apart from correcting various bugs that were prevalent in the previous versions, this new update has brought some visible changes that bring in a better mailing experience. Among the huge list of updates, the major ones that catch your eye on the first glance itself are account aliases, vacation replies server-side search, improved offline mail storage and new app colors. Until now, users have not reported any major issues with the recent update.

If you are an and an android operating system user, a few features might appear extremely appealing to you. If you have storage capacity to spare, you can sync all your mail to the device so that you can access your emails even when offline. However, if this does not interest you, Microsoft has added a server-side search feature to the Android app using which you can find any message you want at half the time it took before.

Microsoft's Storage

Microsoft Releases Update For Outlook For Android

The most attractive part of the update is the server-side searching. Before this update was available, you could only search through and find emails on your mailbox if they are downloaded into your phone. However, this new feature lets you search the local mailbox and the Microsoft’s storage as well. The bright and attractive color schemes is an added plus point when coupled with the rest of the features upgrade. Moreover, you can also add account aliases. Microsoft seems to be aping Yahoo since they recently rolled out color changes as well.

If you want to know more about Microsoft Outlook and the latest updates, you can contact our technical team staff and know what’s in store for the future.

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