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Microsoft Outlook is an advanced email client application that combines a set of useful features such as a calendar, task manager and note taking options. Due to these sophisticated features, it becomes easier for the Outlook users to easily schedule their appointments as well as set reminders for their important dates. Outlook also works perfectly as a personal information manager by storing the personal and contact information of the users securely in specific folders. Moreover, you can also contact the Outlook tech support team any time to know more about Microsoft Outlook application.

Sometimes, certain issues do crop up in Microsoft Outlook that may block you from accessing the application further. One of the most commonly found issues in Outlook include the corruption in PST files. PST or personal storage tables files store the personal information of the users in Outlook. When these get corrupted due to a malware attack, it becomes difficult for the user to access the information stored in these files. In worst cases, the information may even get permanently deleted and result in loss of data if the user hasn’t created a backup of the information. Hence, it is always recommended to create a backup folder of your files in Outlook.

Outlook comprises of a built-in recovery tool known as Scanpst.exe that can successfully fix the corrupted PST files. But this repair tool doesn’t have the option to recover the data that was stored in the file. Hence, it is also advised to use advanced third party recovery tools that can fix the corrupted PST files irrespective of the severity of the corruption. Adding to it, these software programs can also recover the data stored in these files successfully.


Microsoft Outlook Features

For creating a backup of your PST files, you can first open Outlook and then click on File followed by Export. This would open up the Import and Export wizard and here, you need to click on the option to select .pst file and then click on the Next button. You can now name the file and then save it to a location on your computer from where you can access it easily later on. Next, you can follow the set of on-screen instructions to complete creating the backup. For retrieving the backup information, you can choose the Import option.

Hence, you can create a backup of the information stored in your Outlook application by following this method. To know more about Microsoft Outlook, you may also contact our technical support team.

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Saleslogix Xbar For Outlook Released By Swiftpage

Saleslogix Xbar

About Microsoft Outlook Features

The popular marketing and CRM solutions provider Swiftpage had recently added a new add-in tool for their Saleslogix CRM solutions, which integrates itself to the Outlook 2010 program. It is a well-known fact about Microsoft Outlook that it is the most popular email and personal manger program in use now. The good thing with the add-in tool is that it can be integrated with any version of Outlook that has been released after 2010. The new add-in is titled as Saleslogix Xbar and can be easily installed with the Outlook program.

When you install the Saleslogix Xbar, you can easily access the information and functionality of Saleslogix through a new context aware window that is embedded with the interface of the Outlook email manager program. The working of the add-in is simple, when you select a specific contact in the Outlook, the add-in will fetch the details about the contact stored with the Saleslogix system and will display it on the screen. With the add-in installed with Outlook 2010 or higher versions, you will be able to access a plethora of services like interaction history, leads generated from e-marketing campaigns, follow-up action items, and opportunity management.

One of the important properties of Saleslogix Xbar is that it allows the users to view and change the details stored in the Saleslogix CRM system without having to move away from the Microsoft Outlook email manager program. If you think about Microsoft Outlook embedded with Saleslogix Xbar, it is a lifesaver, as users can easily add and create new contacts, accounts and opportunities through the Xbar. The users can even add new details and contacts by dragging and dropping content from an email.

Create New Contacts

Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

The Senior VP of Saleslogix, Lorcan Malone commented about the new Xbar saying, “The trend we’re seeing in the market right now is that although many companies have implemented competing CRM solutions, actual adoption and usage among employees often remains low. We’ve made it a top priority to help companies solve this challenge, and the ‘Your CRM Inside’ strategy is one key piece to making that happen.” The add-in that is currently available as a pre-release beta version now will be made available for Outlook users in the future.

It is heard that North American users of Saleslogix 8.0 and Saleslogix 8.1 will be receiving the Saleslogix Xbar as a complimentary add-in feature for Outlook.

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Know More About The Outlook Email Program

About Microsoft Outlook

                  Outlook Help

Microsoft email is much used as the email client program across the globe. This program is designed to be functional and intuitive and the users can install Outlook in their PC in a matter of few minutes to start sending and receiving email messages. This program is similar in appearance and design to other Office programs like Excel and Word. This makes the program immediately familiar to most of the users. Outlook program is feature rich such that most users only make use of about 10% of its capabilities. The basic features of the program are easy to use and find. There are probably half a dozen methods to do the same function in the Outlook program, making the program very much adaptable to about every user.

The Outlook program is designed to integrate easily with all the other programs in Office Suite. Outlook can use the Word program as its email editor, giving the users the power to make very elaborate email messages. The users can include graphics, charts, pictures and many more, giving the messages greater impact and power. Make a letter template in Word and the user will be able to merge the address information from the Outlook contacts right into it. The user will not have to address each letter individually. If you are using Excel for charts, lists or graphs, you will be able to copy them easily into Outlook email.

Outlook is used by more businesses worldwide than any other email client program. This can prove to be a great advantage while

Function In The Outlook

                Microsoft Outlook

sending electronic mails. It will be much easy to send an email message to a colleague, customer, or client knowing that their software is compatible with what you use. With many businesses using Outlook program, it has actually increased the features to communicate. Even if you mail someone who does not use Outlook, the flexibility of the program makes it almost a certainty that you will be able to correspond with them.

The enormous number of the Outlook add-on programs that are available gives you the capability to get Outlook to do just about everything. If utilized in the proper way, the Outlook program can give you a different and better business outlook. If you wish to know more about Microsoft Outlook, you can contact our Outlook help and support team. You may also refer to about Microsoft Outlookpage in the official Microsoft website.

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Useful Tips To Speed Up Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Setting

                      Outlook Features

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most advanced email programs that comprises of many wonderful options. Along with being an excellent email application, Outlook also stores the personal and contact information of the users securely in specific folders. Here, let us discuss a few tips that can help you run this application better.

Turning off unwanted add-ons

The first thing you need to do is disable all unessential add-ons in the Outlook setting. For this, you need to click on Tools and then on the Trust Center option. Next, select Add-Ins and then choose the option to uncheck any add-ins that you don’t use. Once you have disabled them, restart Outlook.

Compact your PST data files

The personal information of the users in Outlook is stored in personal storage tables or PST files. It is always recommended to compact the PST data files using the option in the Outlook setting. You can click on the top folder name, right click on it and then select the Properties option. Now, you can click on Advanced and then on Compact Now.

Disable the option to store RSS information from IE7

This is applicable if you’re using IE7 as your web browser as Outlook would then opt to store all the RSS feeds by default. For making your Outlook to stop storing RSS information, you can first click on Tools, then Options, Other and then on Advanced Options. Here, you can uncheck the sync RSS feeds to common feed list. You can close these screens and then click on Tools and then on Accounts followed by RSS feeds and then delete the feeds. Next, you need to delete RSS feeds from RSS threads folders in your email folders.

Recovery Tool

                     Outlook Support

Scanning and repairing PST file

Many a times, you may encounter error messages in Outlook that would block you from accessing the PST file data. In most of these cases, the PST file becomes corrupted and you’d require fixing them. Microsoft Outlook already has a built-in inbox repair tool known as Scanpst.exe, which helps in fixing such PST corruption issues. This recovery tool is located in the location- drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12. You can run this tool, find your PST file and then start repairing the errors.

Hence, you can use these tips to enable your Microsoft Outlook application to run better. For more information on the available features in Outlook, you may also get in touch with our technical support team.

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Steps To Import Account Settings From A Different Email Client

Outlook Settings

           Features Of Outlook

There are several email management programs in the market and among these programs, Outlook is a favorite of millions of users. This email client provides users with various tools and thus makes it one of the best and most efficient email tools. The program even helps you to import settings from a different email program like Eudora or Outlook Express. In this post, we will find out the steps involved in importing the settings to the program and configure it as Outlook settings.

Steps Involved

  • Press the Windows key and open the Start menu.
  • In the Start menu, choose the option All Programs.
  • Select the option Microsoft Office and this will open a new menu that shows various Microsoft Office programs.
  • Select the option Microsoft Outlook to launch the program.
  • In the Outlook window, choose the button File. This option is present in the menu bar.
  • In the menu that opens, select the option Import and Export. This will open the box Import and Export Wizard.
  • Choose the option Import Internet Mail Account Settings. This option is present as a drop down option under the heading Choose an action to perform.
  • Select the button Next.
  • From the different Internet email clients in the list that are installed in your computer, choose the one from which you want to import the settings.
  • Choose the button Next.
  • Select an email account that you wish to import in the next step. Choose the button Next.
  • During the import process, the program checks the settings. The program verifies if the Incoming mail server, Outgoing mail server, name, username and password that are being imported are correct or not.

    Outlook Express

                Outlook Email Configuration

  • When the import is successful and the program verifies the account, a message would pop up that says Congratulations.
  • Select the button Finish and this will complete the process.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to import settings from another email client to Outlook and convert it as Outlook settings. You can now use this email account with the Outlook program. You may repeat the steps and setup any number of accounts with the process.

The above-mentioned process is ideal if you are planning to start using Outlook instead of an old email client. It can also act as a backup of your email account. For further help on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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