How To Switch Offline To Online In Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is an email client used by numerous people for both personal and official use. You will be able to manage emails in the most organized way with all the features and functions available in this email software. Out of the numerous options available in Outlook, we are going to talk about working offline. Yes, there is an option in Microsoft Outlook that allows people to work online or offline according to their wish.

As you know, when you are not connected to the internet, that is when you are offline, you will not be able to send emails neither would you receive emails. You can change the Outlook setting irrespective of the protocol used such as HTTP, POP3, Microsoft Exchange etc. But people working on the Microsoft Exchange protocol should follow a different method to work online and offline.

The instructions that follow will take you through the different settings that need to be changed in order to work offline in Outlook.


  • Launch the application.
  • From the toolbar located to the top of the window, click on the File menu.
  • From the drop down menu, click on the option Offline.
  • The next time you want to work online, you need to follow the same steps, and click on Work Online instead.

For Microsoft Exchange Server Email

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Click on the Tools option from the top of the window. From the drop down menu, select the option Email Accounts. This will open a new window.

    Outlook Support

               Microsoft Outlook Help

  • Select the option View Or Change Existing Email Accounts and then Next.
  • From under the heading labeled Outlook Processes Email For These Accounts In The Following Order, select the option Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Click on Change, then More Settings.
  • Select the option Manually Control Connection state.
  • Next, you need to select the Choose The Connection Type When Starting option.
  • Close the Email application.

Now open the email application. This time when you open the email application, you would notice that Outlook would be prompting you to select if you want to work online or offline; select accordingly. Every time you want to toggle between online and offline, you may follow these Outlook setting instructions. In case you need further Outlook support for any issue, you can call up the helpline support number available in our website.

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How To Know If A Business Has Outgrown Microsoft Outlook

About Microsoft Outlook

         Outlook As An Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is an extremely useful email client application that is extremely useful for workplaces and individual users alike. The reason behind the popularity of the OS is that the application features several productivity suites. The Calendar application of Outlook makes an excellent task manager and the ability to share your Outlook Calendar extends the functionality even further. Moreover, Outlook has a full-fledged contact manager, Outlook Contacts, using which you can save all your contact details.

If you search about Microsoft Outlook, you will see that most experts will agree that Outlook is a poor choice for email marketing. As the number of clients increase, you will have a tough time sending out bulk or broadcast emails to the email list. Hence, in order to determine if the application software is outdated and cannot be used anymore, here’s what you need to ask yourself.

Distribution Lists Management

Outlook only features a primeval distribution list management. If you are having a tough time handling the list and finding out who is on or off them, it’s time to switch to another dedicated software.

Duplicate emails

If you are sending duplicate emails by mistake, to the same contact, because of your inability to manage the list, Outlook is to blame. Outlook Contacts are useful only in a certain range.

Follow Up

Outlook does not have any feature that enables you to find out a database of people who signed up for your mailing list. Moreover, there is no way to follow up on these contacts because Outlook does not allow sorting the contacts list.

Email Campaign Reporting

Outlook Contacts

         Outlook For Email Marketing

Once you have a large database, you need to know how effective your email campaigns are. You can make the right decisions by analyzing the data. However, Outlook does not provide any of these features.


You have outgrown Outlook and require special dedicated software if you want to personalize emails and send out different broadcast messages.

If you know about Microsoft Outlook, you would know that it works as the best email client. However, it only features rudimentary broadcasting features that can be used to send common emails to a group of people. For email marketing and other campaigns, you will need a dedicated software.

A better alternative would be to invest on email marketing service providers. Such firms will be able to handle a larger broadcasting crowd and will provide excellent analytics that are best suited to improve your business.

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How To Keep Outlook From Crashing

About Microsoft Outlook

           Outlook Problems

You see plenty of posts in online help forums about Microsoft Outlook freezing up or crashing, or showing blank messages. There are several other common problems as well, such as the one given below.

  • Outdated application version installed.
  • Issues with the extensions or add ins.
  • Problems with the PST data file.
  • Problems originating from other apps in the PC.
  • Registry errors.

Here are a few things you can try out to resolve the issue you happened to come across.

  • You might be getting blank messages, in which case you need to make sure you turn off any email scanning feature in your resident antivirus.
  • If crashes are getting to be a frequent occurrence, then you might have to get rid of the add ins in the application. Maybe there’s Acrobat installed, which is probably the reason you’re having the problem.
  • Disable any screen capturing software you have installed. It might be the reason why Outlook crashes so often.

If none of this works, then there’s probably something wrong in the registry. Here’s what you can do to fix that.

  • Hit the Start button and then hit Run.
  • Enter regedit in the text field and hit Enter.
  • Once the registry editor comes up, navigate to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Office \Outlook \Addins.
  • Find Acrobat or other non-Microsoft add-ins, and for these, change the load behavior to 0. To do this, right click on the entry and then select the 0.

    Outlook Crashes

                       Outlook Issues

  • You might be unable to type out a new message, in which case you should try clicking in one of the To, CC and Subject fields. Then click in the body once more; this usually works.
  • To check your existing PST file for any damage, make a test profile without email accounts. This account won’t have any messages going in or out.

At least one of the steps mentioned above should be enough to take care of the issue for you. If it doesn’t, then there’s probably something wrong with the registry entries you have in the system. The registry is an important part of Windows, which stores all of the installed hardware and software information. If a related file in here gets corrupted, then Outlook might not work in the way it’s supposed to. You can find many resources about Microsoft Outlook problems like these, and fixes for the same online.

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Setting Up Your Webmail Account In MS Outlook

Outlook Setting

Outlook Account Setup

As with all other Microsoft software products, Outlook too comes with user-friendly account setup wizards and Outlook setting tools to make the process of adding mail accounts to the clients easier. Often, the account setup wizard launches automatically when you are using the application for the first time. If this did not happen, then the wizard can be easily launched from the Outlook menu of options. Just proceed as follows.

Outlook account set up for a webmail account

Before you proceed with this, make sure that you have all the account details required for setting up the account. For automatic account setup, you only need to remember the username and password. All the other details like the incoming and outgoing server addresses are automatically collected from the online server. But, in many cases, you have to use the manual Outlook setting for the account setup. If so, you need to have all the server details mentioned above ready as well as the details regarding the port number details, security connection settings, etc.

Start the account set up wizard by selecting the option Tools > Account Settings > Email > New from the Outlook main toolbar menu. As mentioned earlier, you just need to enter the username, password and email address in the first step of the account setup wizard. For using the manual setup mode, skip these steps and select the Manual Account setting option displayed below and click on Next to proceed.

Outlook Folders

Contact Outlook Support

In the next step, select the option Internet Email to proceed. Now, you will see the options for entering username, password, incoming and outgoing server address details, server type, email address, etc. Enter all this information correctly. Use the Test Account Settings option you see there to connect to the online server with this information. In the connection, check if you have committed an error somewhere in the account setup process by entering wrong data.

If all the settings are indeed correct, then Outlook client will establish a connection with the mail server. If so, then click on the Finish button to complete the account setup process and exit from the wizard. With the account set up now complete, Outlook will start downloading all your stored email account data to the Outlook folders in the system. Depending on the amount of data you have stored in your webmail account and the speed of the internet connection, this might take some time.

When this is done, you will be able to access all your webmail messages, both old and new, from the Outlook client.

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Linking Outlook And Gmail Calendars

Outlook Help

Outlook Help

Both Google Gmail servers and Microsoft Outlook have calendar options. These calendars allow the users to input important times and dates. If you are used to making use of the calendars on both of these servers, you will be able to synchronize both of them so that when you input data to any one of these calendars, it will automatically update it with the other calendar. Doing this needs a software program that is offered by Google. You will also need an Outlook setup on your PC and a valid Google account to finish the steps. The program will regularly synchronize and update the calendars at the set time.

The Outlook setting steps to synchronize Gmail and Outlook calendars are explained below in this article. You can follow these steps to synchronize the calendar data of Outlook and Gmail.


  • Log into your Google Gmail account by typing in the Username and Password of the account.
  • You will then need to click on the Calendar link that is located at the top left corner of the screen. If it is the first time that you are accessing the calendar, Google will ask you to input or verify information like your name, time zone and geographic location.
  • As the next step, download and install the Google Calendar Sync program onto your PC. After the download is finished, you can click on the Open button that is in the dialog box or on the installer icon and then follow the installation steps shown by the wizard.

    Outlook Support

    Outlook Support

  • Type in your email id and password in Google Calendar Sync dialog box. This is done for verification. The dialog box will open immediately after the installation.
  • Click on the radio button that is labeled 2-way. This will sync Outlook and Google calendars both ways. The other available option is one-way where the information entered on Outlook calendar will sync to the Gmail calendar or vice versa.
  • Type in the time interval that you want the calendars to sync with each other. The default setting is 120 minutes.
  • Click on the Save button to finish the synchronization process.

These are the Outlook setting steps to synchronize Outlook and Gmail calendars. The steps should be followed carefully so that you do not encounter any Outlook errors. If you wish to get more assistance in finishing the steps, you can contact our Outlook help and support team.

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